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30.5.2017 : 0:46 : +0200

GAMMA Software

The GAMMA SAR and Interferometry Software is a collection of programs that allows processing of SAR, interferometric SAR (InSAR) and differential interferometric SAR (DInSAR) data for airborne and spaceborne SAR systems. The software supports the entire processing from raw data to high level products such as digital elevation models, displacement maps,  point target analysis and landuse maps. The software is arranged in packages, each dealing with a specific aspect of the processing. Learn more...

The GAMMA Software runs on any Unix or Linux system as well as on Win32-based platforms (W2K, Windows XP). Recommended OS is Linux. Any distribution should work as long as the GTK toolkit is version 2.8.12 or higher. A nice free distribution is Ubuntu. Both 32- and 64-bit processors are supported on Linux. On Windows and Solaris a 32-bit environment is needed. The GAMMA Software is also known to run on OS-X and other *IX systems. Contact GAMMA if you have special needs.

With its functionality, flexibility, robustness, efficiency, and competitive price, GAMMA software is an excellent solution for demanding processing jobs. This has been demonstrated by license sales to users at many leading institutes world-wide, since 1995. Another distinct advantage of the GAMMA software is the competent user support provided  directly by the developers and experienced users of the software and the availability of ad-hoc and training courses.


26.11.15 13:35

Lefkada Earthquake Sentinel-1 Interferogram

On 17 November 2015, a very strong seismic event of magnitude 6.5 occurred in Lefkada island...

29.04.15 16:43

Nepal Earthquake Sentinel-1 Interferogram

Interferogram of the Sentinel-1 acquisitions of 17. and 29. April 2015.

17.11.16 17:11

North Canterbury, New Zealand, Nov. 13 2016, PALSAR2 co-seismic displacement map

North Canterbury, New Zealand, Nov. 13 2016, M 7.8 earthquake, co-seismic displacement map derived...