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GAMMA Software


GAMMA Software supports the entire processing chain from SAR raw data to products such as digital elevation models, displacement maps and landuse maps.

The GAMMA Software includes several Modules, each one consisting of documented, well structured code. The software is understood as a toolbox that provides a wide functionality to support the user in the setting up of his processing tasks. Programs can be run individually on the command line or they can be called from scripts that permit running processing sequences in a more automated and efficient way.

GAMMA Software Modules:

The GAMMA software is grouped into four main modules:
- Modular SAR Processor (MSP)
- Interferometry, Differential Interferometry and Geocoding (ISP/DIFF&GEO)
- Land Application Tools (LAT)
- Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA)

In addition, the SAR image co-registration and geocoding functionality is also available as a separate GEO package. Furthermore, a special motion compensation package (MOCOM) and a Time Domain Back Projection processor (TDBP) are available for advanced processing of airborne data (acquired with less stable platforms).

More Information:

Please consult the Opens external link in new windowGAMMA Software Brochure and theOpens external link in new window GAMMA Software Reference List for further information.


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