Ground displacement mapping with PALSAR-2 ScanSAR data


Presented by Urs Wegmüller at the ALOS Joint Workshop on 8th November 2022.

Maurizio Santoro explains how the use of various data, whether in synergy or in comparison, can bring a great contribution/benefit to the field of mapping biomass and measuring this Essential Climate Variable.


Interview with European Space Agency (ESA)

Slope instability mapping in glacier fore-field environments of the High Valais Alps using advanced DInSAR techniques


Presented by Nina Jones at the Swiss Geoscience Meeting (SGM) on 20 November 2021

Bewegungsdetektion und -quantifizierung mittels InSAR (Satelliten-, UAV- und Bodengestützt): Stand der Entwicklung und Einsatzmöglichkeiten


Presented by Rafael Caduff at the "GeoVision" presentation series on 22 June 2021, organised by the "Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung (SGPF)"

IGARSS 2020: Estimation of Forest Above-Ground Biomass with C-Band scatterometer backscatter observations


Presented by Maurizio Santoro, IGARSS 2020

Measuring surface displacements with a novel UAV/Car-borne based radar interferometer


Presented by Othmar Frey, SGM 2020

Monitoring displacements of complex landslides with broadband multiplatform radar techniques


Presented by Andrea Manconi, SGM 2020

Brienz/Brinzauls (GR, Switzerland): Repeat pass interferometry with the car-borne GAMMA L-Band SAR. 

BOthmar Frey

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