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31.5.2020 : 18:05 : +0200

Multitemp a multitemporal SAR image

One big advantage of satellite based SAR is the periodical revisit of an area. That makes SAR particular interesting for time series. In a multitemporal SAR image, three SAR images of different observation times are combined into an RGB composite. That means the stronger the backscattering in a particular scene is the stronger it contributes to the final color. This technique is particular interesting to investigate changes due to vegetation growth, farming, freeze-thaw, irrigation or flooding.


Multitemporal SAR image of the Mekong area in UTM z48 projection. The SAR scenes in the different color channels are from: red 24-May-1996, green: 6-Sept-1996, blue: 20-Dec-1996. Many different things can be seen in this scene. E.g. the villages along the Mekong river by there bright color and the large flooded areas by there red and cyan color.