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31.5.2020 : 17:57 : +0200

Coherence Product

The Coherence Product is based on SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) images. It provides a new source of information for mapping, varied thematic analyses, and change detection. Compared to traditional radar images, which convey information about signal amplitude, the Coherence Product provides radar data that are easier to analyse and interpret.

The Coherence Product is derived from SAR imagery. SAR's all-weather capability makes it possible to map the entire globe night and day in all conditions.

The Coherence Product is an objective source of information at global scales and a superb cartographic and thematic analysis tool for a variety of applications.

The Coherence Product was developed in cooperation with SpotImage and is available in Dimap format. This product relies on ERS Tandem data, thanks to the large ERS1/2 archive almost any place on earth is covered. In principle Coherence Products can be made using any interferometric SAR data pair from any available sensor. Contact us for more information.


ERS-1/2 Tandem coherence product "ortho" (red: coherence, green: average backscattering, blue: backscatter ratio, UTM Zone 34, WGS-84, 20m pixel spacing). The Tandem coherence allows to better identify image features and to better distinguish different land cover types. On top of the coherence product topographic information derived from the InSAR DEM has been added.