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31.5.2020 : 19:02 : +0200

Terrain Movement

GAMMA offers the production of geocoded displacement maps with satellite radar interferometry. The products are featured by geocoded displacement maps at sub-cm resolution. Digital subsidence values (to be imported in any GIS program) as well as raster images are offered.

According to our experience the methodology varies with respect to application site, expected surface displacement and user requirements. As a consequence we offer customized services (and not end products) with the main processing steps and sequences assessed individually. Guidelines for the specification and pricing of related processing services were defined based on the investigations at many application sites worldwide using satellite SAR data of the ERS-1, ERS-2, JERS and RADARSAR satellites. Product samples have been generated for the cases of land subsidence, landslides, earthquake and ice motion.

To request a quote for a services on a specific application site, please contact us.