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Mosaicing and Georeferencing

Often the area of interest covers more than one image frame. The individual frames or derived product layers need to be mosaiced and georeferenced. The GAMMA Software provides tools for this application. The example beside shows a mosaic of three SAR frames, two descending and one ascending that are mosaiced and georeferenced. SAR backscatter map for Hungarian-Rumanian-Ukrainian border area (UTM Zone 34, WGS-84, 20m pixel spacing), generated by mosaicing the ERS frames of track 093, 322, and 057. (ERS Data Copyright ESA 1998, Processing by GAMMA).

The method works even for mosaics on a continental scale as shown by the example at the bottom right. It shows the JERS mosaic of Siberia that was produced by Gamma within the SIBERIA project. JERS SAR backscatter mosaic of Siberia (EQA projection, 50m pixel spacing), generated by mosaicing about 600 JERS scenes. (JERS Data Copyright NASDA, Processing by GAMMA).


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