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31.5.2020 : 19:32 : +0200

Data Processing

GAMMA has a high capacity for advanced SAR data processing. Steps as SAR processing, precision image registration, interferometric processing, radiometric calibration, and geocoding are fully operational and are offered to customers with attractive conditions. Advanced data processing such as large area mosaicing can also be offered, as well as support in data selection, determination of the processing strategy, and interpretation of the results.

Data products are stored in raster files than can be easy imported into other Software or GIS Systems. Most products are also available as GeoTIFF or DIMAP.

As part of the EC Project Siberia, GAMMA had the opportunity to demonstrate it's processing quality and capacity in the generation of a continental scale mosaic of JERS backscattering coefficients, coherence and texture values, based on more than 600 JERS scenes (see image beside, JERS data copyright NASDA, processing GAMMA).


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