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1.5.2017 : 8:14 : +0200

Modular SAR Processor

The Modular SAR Processor (MSP) is a system for deriving synthetic aperture radar images from raw SAR data from both airborne and spaceborne sensors. The MSP calculates from raw data single look complex (SLC) and multi-look intensity (MLI) images in radar slant range/Doppler coordinates. The processing includes radiometric calibration and is phase preserving for interferometric processing.

The main taks of the MSP are

  • preparation of raw SAR data in the GAMMA Software format for processing
  • pre-processing and data conditioning
  • range compression with optional azimuth prefiltering
  • autofocus
  • azimuth compression
  • multi-look post processing

A flow chart for the MSP is shown beside. For motion compensation of airborne data the advanced motion compensation is required.

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MSP Flowchart

Flow chart of the MSP package
Flow chart of the MSP package (click image to enlarge)