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1.5.2017 : 8:14 : +0200

Interferometric SAR Processor

The Interferometric SAR Processor (ISP) package encompasses a full range of algorithms required for the generation of interferograms, height maps, coherence maps, and differential interferometric products. The ISP allows:

  • baseline estimation from orbit data
  • precision registration of interferometric image pairs
  • interferogram generation (including common spectral band filtering)
  • removal of flat Earth phase trend
  • estimation of interferometric correlation
  • adaptive filtering of interferograms
  • phase unwrapping
  • precision estimation of interferometric baselines from ground control points
  • generation of topographic height
  • image rectification and interpolation of interferometric height and slope maps

The flow chart for a typical interferometric processing is shown beside. Quality control
programs complement the main processing sequence.

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ISP Flowchart

Flow chart of the ISP package
Flow chart of the ISP package (click image to enlarge)