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30.5.2017 : 0:44 : +0200

Interferometric Point Target Analysis

The Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA) package is a collection of tools to exploit the temporal and spatial characteristics of interferometric signatures collected from point targets to accurately map surface deformation histories, terrain heights, and relative atmospheric path delays. The analysis can be summarized as an iterative improvement of the model parameters to achieve an optimal match to the observed interferometric phases. The analysis is done for a selected list of points which correspond to point target candidates, which dramatically improves efficiency and storage requirements.

The advantage of using point targets is that these do not exhibit geometric decorrelation such as distributed targets, permitting a more complete use of the data as even pairs with very long baselines can be interpreted, resulting in improved accuracies and temporal coverage. An important element of the IPTA is the analysis across the data stack, respectively in the time dimension. The IPTA is fully compatible with the other GAMMA Software packages - identical phase models are used and programs to convert between the raster and vector data formats are included. Therefore it is easy to use IPTA in combination with traditional InSARtechniques and use in a synergetic way the strengths of the two methods combined.

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