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Display Tools



Essential for making full use of the GAMMA Software is a set of tools that can display results on the screen and produce raster image products for documentation and archive purposes. The programs within the Display Tools and Utilities (DISP) package are organized by data type and display functionality. The DISP package is bundled with any of the individual GAMMA Software packages. Supported input data include:

  • raw SAR data and byte images
  • single look complex and detected multi-look intensity SAR images
  • interferograms, unwrapped phase, and interferometric correlation
  • DEMs and interferometric height maps, showing both geographic and map-projection coordinates
  • differential interferometric products such as subsidence maps
  • display and editing of phase unwrapping flag files
  • 8- and 24-bit SUNraster and bmp image format files

Within the DISP package there are also programs for display of multiple data sets, either by merging the data, such as combining intensity and interferometric phase, or rapidly flickering between images of the same type. Each screen display program can access the original data files to extract the data values at the cursor position. The cursor coordinates are calculated in map projection coordinates when DEM or raster data are in a map projection format such as UTM. Graphical editing of the files used to support phase unwrapping is also supported.

The screen display programs were developed using the open source GTK+ toolkit
( that can be compiled to run both under the X or Win32 2000, XP graphic environment. Therefore the user has the same display functionality if running either a Linux or Win32 operating system on an X86 compatible platform.

The screen display and raster image generation programs are parallel in terms of functionality.The images produced can be displayed using either the DISP programs or any other raster image file viewer or imported into a GIS software.

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Screenshot of the graphical user interface of the display programs.
Screenshot of the graphical user interface of the display programs. On the left side you have the view of the dataset (here an interferogram), on the right you have a magnification of a selected area and below informations about a selected point and you can choose which color table should be used. (click image to enlarge)