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1.5.2017 : 8:12 : +0200

GAMMA SAR Software


GAMMA provides licenses for its user-friendly and high quality software to support the entire processing from SAR raw data to products such as digital elevation models, deformation, and landuse maps. The software is grouped into various packages:

Modular SAR Processor


SAR data processing

Interferometric SAR Processor


Interferometric SAR processing

Differential Interferometry and Geocoding


Differential interferometric SAR processing and terrain geocoding

Interferometric Point target Analysis


Point target, persistent scatterer analysis

Land Application Tools


Classification, filtering, extraction of subregions, statistical tool

Geocoding Software


Terrain geocoding and image registration (special collection of tools from ISP and DIFF&GEO for users not interested in interferometry)

 In addition to the MSP a motion compensation package (MOCOM) is available for range compressed data.

For visualization and image export of intermediate and final image products the GAMMA Software offers a set of tools included in the DISP package. The DISP package is bundled with any of the individual GAMMA Software packages.

The packages can be purchased singularly or be combined depending on the user’s needs and applications. A set of combinations with respect to specific processing chains, data products and applications are







Main Products

Generation of SAR data


Raw data

Singe Look Complex (SLC) data
Multi-look intensity (MLI) data

Terrain geocoding and image registration


SLC data
MLI data

Terrain geocoded data

Generation of interferometric SAR data (including terrain geocoding)


SLC data

Coherence map
Multi-look intensities
Height map
Displacement map

Generation of SAR and differential interferometric SAR data (including terrain geocoding)


Raw data

Interferogram                                            Coherence map
Multi-look intensities
Height map
Differential interferogram
Displacement map

Analysis of data products, conversions, data filtering classification.

LAT (together with any of the previous combinations)

Any data

Image data of enhanced quality, plots,value added products

Point target analysis

IPTA (highly recommended together with ISP + DIFF&GEO)

SLC data

Point target height history

Binary as well as source code licenses are available. For Universities a discount on the total price applies. An evaluation license of the software is available upon request. A one year maintenance is included in the license fee.

Maintenance of the software includes software updates and technical support by e-mail.

Gamma Software runs on Solaris, Linux, Win32, and OS-X. If your OS is not listed here, please contact us.


Ad hoc training can be ordered, either on an individual basis or for groups. In addition, training courses on SAR interferometry and on the use of the GAMMA Software are offered on a regular basis. Training is held by GAMMA personnel.

20.12.07 15:32

Support of ALOS PALSAR K&C data strips

The GAMMA Software now provides full support for ALOS PALSAR Kyoto and Carbon (K&C) data strips.

26.05.15 16:51

Nepal Earthquakes Palsar-2 Interferograms

A devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occured in Nepal on 25 April 2015. On 12 May...

01.06.06 17:00

PALSAR support

Gamma software now includes support for Palsar data processing.