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01.06.2006 17:00 Age: 14 Jahre

PALSAR support

Figure 1

Figure 2

Gamma software now includes full support for Palsar data processing.

Figure 1: Multi-look intensity PALSAR image over Kyoto and Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture acquired on 21-Mar-2006 by ALOS in Fine-Beam single-pol HH mode. Incidence angle at center swath is 38.2 degrees. In this image there are 4 range looks and 10 azimuth looks. Pixel spacing is 29.96 m in range and 31.48 m in azimuth.

Figure 2: Full range resolution section. Ground range spacing is 7.87 m, azimuth pixel spacing is 9.55 m. Note the individual roads and buildings in the scene.

PALSAR is the L-Band SAR system on the recently launched Japanese ALOS satellite.
PALSAR raw data copyright JAXA. Processing Gamma Remote Sensing from raw data using Gamma MSP.