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UAV-borne and car-borne repeat-pass radar interferometry with our novel compact GAMMA L-band SAR.

In fall 2018 and winter 2019, we have conducted synthetic aperture radar (SAR) campaigns demonstrating the feasibility of measuring surface displacements by means of UAV-borne and car-borne repeat-pass interferometry using the novel GAMMA L-band SAR system, a compact FMCW SAR system (weight: 7.65 kg) with up to 4 simultaneous receive channels and one or two (alternating) transmit channels supporting various interferometric as well as fully-polarimetric acquisition modes. The VTOL UAV used for the airborne SAR acquisitions is the Scout B1-100 developed and operated by Aeroscout GmbH. The car-borne SAR project is in collaboration with ETH Zurich, supported by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency.

More detailed information about the GAMMA L-band SAR is available in the documents below or feel free to get in touch with us.