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30.5.2020 : 3:45 : +0200
30.07.2015 22:35 Age: 5 Jahre

Kyagar Glacier Lake mapped with Sentinel-1

The Kyagar Glacier is located in the Chinese Karakoram. Its glacier tongue frequently blocks the riverbed of the Shaksgam valley. The resulting glacier lake was the source of several violent and disastrous glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs). Thanks to frequent Sentinel-1 acquisitions it was possible to monitor the appearance and temporal behavior of the glacier lake in 2015. It increased up to a length of about 4km observed in the acquisition of 23 July 2015 and run out before the next acquisition on 29 July 2015. The quicklook shows the RGB composite of the backscattering 23 July (red), 11 July (blue), 17 June (green) indicating the different lake states in color. The colored outlines indicate the mapped lake outlines of 17 June, 23 June, 24 June, 5 July, 11 July, 18 July, 23 July. Blue and green areas in the upper mountains indicate changing wet snow conditions with time. The noisy pattern on the Kyagar Glacier is due to the rapid movement of the glacier.