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19.05.2009 16:18 Age: 11 Jahre

ALOS PALSAR DInSAR Results for Abruzzi Earthquake on 6. April 2009

By: awi

This analysis is based on 2 ALOS PALSAR scenes. Path is 639, Frame 833, first acquisition in FBD mode on 20 July 2008, second scene was acquired in FBS mode on 22 April 2009. The temporal baseline is 276 days, the perpendicular baseline is -182m.


Processing done includes:

- raw data processing with range extension using GAMMA MSP

- range oversampling of FBD scene to FBS sampling

- co-registration of SLCs to common geometry

- differential interferometry using

- oversampled SRTM as height reference

- slope adaptive common band filtering

- baseline refinement

- estimation and subtraction of a topography related atmospheric phase term

- phase unwrapping

- phase to line-of-sight displacement conversion

- terrain corrected geocoding to Italian national coordinates

- generation of "coherence product"


Data courtesy JAXA, PALSAR AO Project 094 (PI Urs Wegmüller)

Data Processing Gamma Remote Sensing AG

Copyright Gamma Remote Sensing AG

This work was supported by the EC FP7 Project SAFER