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Support of ALOS PALSAR K&C data strips

By: ms

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The GAMMA Software now provides full support for ALOS PALSAR Kyoto and Carbon Initiative (K&C) data strips in slant range geometry. Fine Beam Single (FBS), Fine Beam Double (FBD) and Wide Beam (WB) are supported.

Figure 1: Geocoded and terrain corrected FBD PALSAR K&C data strip (50 m resolution). The image was taken over Central Siberia on 20070814, it is 500 km long and 75 km wide. Non-vegetated areas (e.g. cropland and fire scars) are easily discernable from forested areas because of the lower SAR backscatter. This is in particular visible in the HV-pol image because of the different scattering mechanisms of soil and vegetation.

Figure 2: Polarimetric product of a FBD PALSAR K&C data strip (50 m resolution). The image was acquired on 20070819 over Central Siberia, it is 1100 km long and 75 km wide. Red: HH-pol intensity, green: HV-pol intensity, blue: HH/HV ratio. The image is geocoded and terrain corrected. The data strip shows a predominance of vegetated areas (in green, area A) with two major river courses going from South to North (in blue). The central part of the image shows agricultural fields (in purple, area B). At the bottom of the image the southern shore of Lake Bajkal is visible (area C).

Figures 3 and 4: Detailed view at positions A and B of Figure 2. These views evidence the clear contrast between vegetated areas (green) and unvegetated surfaces (purple).

The ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative (K&C) is an international collaborative project led by JAXA Earth Observation Research Center (EORC). The objective of the ALOS K&C Initiative is to define, develop and validate thematic products derived primarily from ALOS PALSAR data that can be used to meet the specific information requirements relating to Conventions, Carbon Cycle Science and Conservation of the Environment. In the framework of the K&C Initiative ALOS PALSAR data strips (are provided at reduced resolution (50 m).

PALSAR K&C data ©JAXA/METI. The data have been provided by JAXA EORC through the ALOS Kyoto & Carbon Initiative.