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30.5.2020 : 4:35 : +0200
01.11.2005 16:57 Age: 15 Jahre

Politechnico di Milano (POLIMI) – Tele-Rilevavento Europa s.r.l. (T.R.E.) versus GAMMA

In December 2003 we were informed by the Court of Trieste, Italy, that POLIMI and T.R.E. have asked the court to issue an immediate inhibition for GAMMA not to commercialize its IPTA software in Italy as it may infringe their Italian Patent 1.312.826 which protects a process to identify “permanent scatterers”. On 29. Dec. 2003 (!) the parties met at the court of Trieste. The judge did not follow the proposition of the complainants but suggested to have a competent technical expert answer questions on the validity of the POLIMI patent and a possible infringement or partial infringement of it by the GAMMA IPTA software.

A competent technical expert acceptable to both parties was selected, investigated the matter and reported to the judge. In an iterative manner the parties updated their positions and on 24. Nov. 2004 the judge of the court of Trieste made his verdict. All the complaints of POLIMI – T.R.E. were rejected. The IPTA software does not infringe Patent 1.312.826, nor is in interference with it.