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15.07.2003 09:20 Age: 17 Jahre

Pasadena: Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Figure 1: Linear deformation rate.

Figure 2: Deformation history.

Pasadena: IPTA based deformation measurement.

Figure 1 shows the linear deformation rate derived using an Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA) analysis for a 16km square region around Pasadena, California. Input data consisted of 59 acquisitions of ERS-1 and ERS-2 over an approximately 8 year period beginning in August, 1992. Maximum observed deformation is approximately 3mm/year for a central region in the image and is due to a seismic motion on the Raymond Fault in South Pasadena. Deformation histories are shown for individual points in the two plots (Figure 2). The deformation history shown in the upper plot is the result of local spatial averaging to reduce noise and shows the averaged regional deformation rate.