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Friday 21. July 2006 Unteraargletscher surface displacement


Unteraargletscher surface displacement[more]

Thursday 01. June 2006 PALSAR support

Gamma software now includes support for Palsar data processing.[more]

Tuesday 01. November 2005 Politechnico di Milano (POLIMI) – Tele-Rilevavento Europa s.r.l. (T.R.E.) versus GAMMA

The IPTA software is not infringing POLIMI Patent 1.312.826.[more]

Friday 27. May 2005 Paris: ERS-ENVISAT Interferometry

Paris: ERS-ENVISAT Interferometry. [more]

Sunday 25. April 2004 Montagnon

Montagnon: IPTA deformation mapping.[more]

Tuesday 15. July 2003 Pasadena: Persistent Scatterer Interferometry

Pasadena: IPTA based deformation measurement.[more]

Thursday 16. May 2002 InSAR data proves stability of Venice.

InSAR data proves stability of Venice between 1992 and 1996.[more]