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22.1.2020 : 14:38 : +0100

Tuesday 30. August 2016 2016 Central Italy earthquake Sentinel-1 A/B interferogram (descending)

Interferogram of the Sentinel-1 A acquisitions of 21. and Sentinel-1 B of 27. August 2016 (descending orbit).[more]

Thursday 26. November 2015 Lefkada Earthquake Sentinel-1 Interferogram

On 17 November 2015, a very strong seismic event of magnitude 6.5 occurred in Lefkada island located in Ionian Sea (Greece). The figure above demonstrates the co-seismic differential interferogram using Sentinel-1 SAR SLC...[more]

Thursday 30. July 2015 Kyagar Glacier Lake mapped with Sentinel-1

The Kyagar Glacier is located in the Chinese Karakoram. Its glacier tongue frequently blocks the riverbed of the Shaksgam valley. The resulting glacier lake was the source of several violent and disastrous glacial lake outburst...[more]

Tuesday 26. May 2015 Nepal Earthquakes Palsar-2 Interferograms

A devastating earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occured in Nepal on 25 April 2015. On 12 May aftershocks of magnitude 7.3 were registered. The image above shows the unwrapped coseismic differential interferogramof the Palsar-2...[more]

Wednesday 29. April 2015 Nepal Earthquake Sentinel-1 Interferogram

Interferogram of the Sentinel-1 acquisitions of 17. and 29. April 2015.[more]

Tuesday 19. May 2009 ALOS PALSAR DInSAR Results for Abruzzi Earthquake on 6. April 2009

Differential Interferometric Analysis based on ALOS PALSAR data of the Abruzzi Earthquake in April 2009.[more]

Thursday 22. May 2008 GAMMA Software supports Cosmo/Skymed SSC and GEC data

GAMMA Software is now able to read and process the new Cosmo/Skymed SSC and GEC data.[more]