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Curriculum Vitæ - Urs Wegmüller

Name: Urs Wegmüller
Date of birth: July 25, 1962
Birth place: Bern
Nationality: Swiss
Profession: Physicist, Dr. phil. nat.
Responsibility within Gamma: President of Executive Board, director, and project scientist


Key Qualifications
The main experience of U. Wegmüller is in the development of applications of active and passive microwave data. His research included field experiments (ground-based radiometry and scatterometry, combined with surface roughness, soil moisture, and dielectric measurements), processing, analyses and interpretation of space-borne data, as well as the development and use of theoretical and empirical scatter and emission models for soil and vegetation. Currently he is very active in SAR interferometric data processing and the development of applications of single-pass as well as repeat- pass SAR interferometry for topographic mapping, differential motion, land-use classification, and the retrieval of geophysical and biophysical parameters over land (including forestry, agricultural, and hydrological applications).


Professional Education
1986 Diploma (M.S.) in Physics from the University of Bern, Switzerland for experimental studies in the field of microwave remote sensing.
1990 Ph.D. in Science from the University of Bern, Switzerland, for a thesis on active and passive microwave signatures of agricultural fields.


Employment Record
1995-date President of Gamma Remote Sensing Research and Consulting AG, a small company founded in January 1995 by Dr. C. Werner and Dr. U. Wegmüller, to conduct research studies in active and passive microwave remote sensing and support customers in the use and interpretation of such data. and Main tasks are the project management and acquisition as well as research activity.
1992-1995 Research scientist at the Remote Sensing Laboratories of the University of Zürich, responsible for contracts with JRC and ESA-ESTEC, on the development of applications of SAR interferometry. Development of algorithms to
1991-1992 Visiting scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of the California University of Technology, Pasadena, supported by the Swiss National Research Foundation, involved in studies on the derivation of canopy parameters from active and passive microwave remote sensing data. Development of dielectric probes. Modeling of signatures of bare soils and vegetation.
1984-1991 Research in microwave remote sensing with the Institute of Applied physics of the University of Bern: Design and use of surface roughness profiler, dielectric probes, microwave radiometers and scatterometers. Signature studies on agricultural fields, forests, and snow. Theoretical modeling of the microwave scattering, emission, and dielectric properties of bare soil and vegetation.


Fluent in German, English and French.


Professional Affiliations
Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society