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Curriculum Vitæ – Christophe Magnard

Name: Opens window for sending emailChristophe Magnard
Profession: Engineer (M.Sc. EPFL), Dr. sc. nat.
Responsibility within Gamma: Senior Scientist

Key Qualifications
The main experience of Christophe Magnard is in research, development, and implementation of techniques used to retrieve the height information from multibaseline SAR interferometry data acquired using millimeter-wave radar. In his Ph.D. thesis, he developed a pipeline to derive high resolution 3D information using multibaseline airborne SAR interferometry, and showed an application where single trees were successfully detected and characterized using such data.

His expertise includes geocoding of SAR data, SAR focusing algorithms, SAR interferometry, and other SAR-related techniques. He also has a wide knowledge in many image processing techniques and programming languages, as well as in geodesy and GPS-INS data processing.

At Gamma Remote Sensing AG, he is primarily responsible for developing and maintaining the Gamma Software. He is also involved in various research and development projects.

Professional education
2016 Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, for a thesis on "Deriving High Resolution 3D Information using Multibaseline Airborne SAR Interferometry".

2005 M.Sc. in Microengineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland.

Employment Record
2016 – date Research Scientist at GAMMA Remote Sensing Research and Consulting Ltd. Main tasks include developing and maintaining the Gamma Software and performing research and development projects.

2012-2016 Scientific collaborator, University of Zurich, Department of Geography, Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL), Zurich, Switzerland.

2006-2011 Research assistant, University of Zurich, Department of Geography, Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL), Zurich, Switzerland.

2005 Traineeship at Micronas GmbH, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany): development of procedures, software and electronic circuits for the testing of Hall sensors reliability (6 months).

2010-2016 Associate Lecturer at University of Zurich, Switzerland, teaching at master level: "Specialization in Remote Sensing: SAR & LiDAR" and at graduate/collaborator level: "Differential GPS"

Mother tongue: French. Proficient in English and German.

Professional Affiliations
Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society