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29.02.2008 11:45 Age: 11 Jahre

Training on Radar Data Processing Training in China

By: awi

Beijing Digital View Co. Ltd organizes a course on

Radar Data Processing Training

GAMMA Software is a very advanced radar data processing software. It is used by many leading institutes world-wide involved in SAR and SAR interferometry. With the development of radar data application, many more users may choose GAMMA Software as their radar data processing tool. Radar data can be used independently of daylight and cloud cover. Rich SAR data archives (ERS-1, ERS-2, JERS-1, Radarsat-1, ENVISAT) currently operated sensors (ENVISAT, ALOS, TerraSAR-X, Cosmo-Skymed, Radarsat-2) and planned sensors are available. SAR data are successfully applied in a large variety of themes including Terrain mapping, DEM generation, Land Deformation survey, Geology, Land use mapping, Agriculture, Hydrology, to just name a few.

In order to let GAMMA Software users in China and other interested parties make optimal use of the GAMMA advanced data processing capacity a training will be held in April 2008. In the training, Experienced GAMMA Software users will be invited to give lectures. Furthermore, one lecture may be given by Dr. Maurizio Santoro of GAMMA Remote Sensing, Switzerland.(April 17th.)

This course is organized by Keming Wu of DVIEW.

Date:          mid April (5 days)
Lectures:      2-3 experienced GAMMA users
Participants: up to 30 (limited)
Contents:      MSP/ISP/DIFF&GEO/LAT and possibly IPTA

Contact and further information:
Keming Wu / Wang Yue, Beijing Digital View Co. Ltd
Email: wukm(at)
Phone: 010-84896093 / 84896092-831, Fax: 010-84896308