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29.08.2007 08:59 Age: 11 Jahre

Training course on SAR interferometry

By: Maurizio Santoro

Practical training with the GAMMA software

3 – 6 December 2007 in Gümligen, Switzerland (GAMMA HQ)

During 2007 GAMMA has offered several courses on SAR and interferometric SAR processing, and on the Interferometric Point Target Analysis technique. Wide interest has been shown for a practical training course on SAR interferometry using the GAMMA software.

To react to this interest GAMMA organizes a hands-on training course on SAR and interferometric SAR processing using GAMMA software modules. The training course will last 4 days, between the 3rd and the 6th of December 2007 (just after the Fringe Workshop at ESA-ESRIN, Italy). To download the announcement and the application form (pdf format) click link below.