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29.04.2007 15:38 Age: 12 Jahre

Training course on Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA)

By: Maurizio Santoro

Principles and processing approach

30 July - 2 August 2007 in Gümligen, Switzerland (GAMMA HQ)

Over the last years GAMMA software users showed more and more interest in training courses related to SAR and interferometric processing, in the use of GAMMA software, in the Interferometric Point Target Analysis technique, in applications of these techniques and in more specific topics. To react to this interest GAMMA offers now courses addressing topics of interest to a larger group of people.

Topic of the next course is the Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA). The course on “Interferometric Point Target Analysis (IPTA), principles and processing approach” will last 3 ½ days, between the 30th of July and the 2nd of August (just after the IGARSS Conference in Barcelona, Spain). To download the announcement and the application form (pdf format) click here.

Other courses will follow, on e.g. practical training for the GAMMA software.