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27.5.2020 : 7:51 : +0200

Microwave Hardware

GAMMA key personnel has high experience in microwave hardware design and development.

To address needs for a local landslide monitoring system, GAMMA developed and implemented a portable imaging terrestrial radar interferometer. The system is based on a novel approach that is based on a rotating array of real-aperture antennas. This allows to imagine a scene in a short time with a mobile instrument as it depends not on a stabilized mount, a short reaction time is possible until measurements start. The instruments main purpose is the monitoring of unstable slopes. Its functionality to conduct interferometric measurements not only with repeat measurements but also instantly using the antennas of the array, allows to measure also surface hulls. 

To address the needs for simultaneous X- and Ku-band measurements of snow GAMMA is building a hardened X- to Ku-band stepped frequency radar. The development and construction as well as a dedicated snow measurement campaign is financed by ESA ESTEC.

Radar Interferometer

Snow Scatterometer